We are really happy to present our product to you.

In all its simplicity, you will find the best solutions and in a professional way the grooming of your dear companion. An also get 15% off by getting two brush an reviewing the product

OurBelovedpet™ brush

Double-sided design

The two sides are offered to you the first with its 9 teeth for the most stubborn knots. Then finish with the 17-tooth side to soften the hair, untangle and remove the entire removed part. Get real fast and professional results

Friendly and safe

Hair-friendly for your pets

Our detangling brush is designed with sharp teeth, but it remains fine and rounded, thanks to this, it allows you to easily and safely detangle and remove hair, knots, loose hair without ever hurting your pet.

Gently and nicely

Effective grooming tool

Our undercoat brush gently removes dead hair and eliminates all impurities and trapped dirt, it allows you really effective grooming and a result that will satisfy your pet. Perfect solution for dogs and cats with thick fur or dense double coats.